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Beespokecrafts Privacy Policy

Beespokecrafts Privacy Policy


Beespokecrafts takes the privacy of your information seriously and we ask you to read this Privacy Policy carefully as it explains how and why we collect your personal information and your rights and choices when it comes to these details.  

Our privacy policy explains:
  • The personal information we collect
  • How and why we collect and use your information
  • How we process your information
  • Why we use cookies
  • How long we hold this information 
  • How to contact us about your choice
  • Any changes to this Privacy Policy

Personal information we collect

·      When you shop from my website, make an enquiry or register for a workshop it may collect some or all the following - your name and email address, IP address, preferences and other information collected on registration.

How and why we collect and use your information
  • We have legitimate interest in processing personal data for activities such as:
  1. Responding to your questions on our products and my workshops
  2. Delivering newsletters on our products and my workshops, Contacting existing customers or individuals that have expressed an interest in our products or services
  3. To gather insight into how people, interact with my website      

  •        Personal data will only be used in support of the intended purposes stated at the time at which it was collected, and subject to any preferences indicated by you.

How we process your information 

·     Personal data maybe processed by Beespokecrafts for our legitimate business purpose, Personal data may also be used for other purposes which could include: managing and administering your account; delivering any services, products or information requested by you; and verifying your identity when required.

·     We may contact you from time to time with information about new products or workshops. Personal data is only processed by the Beespokecrafts team.

     The use of Cookies

·     We collect information through cookies to ensure the content of the website and the website pathways work as effectively as possible and provide you with a useful online experience with Beespokecrafts. By using our website, you agree to us placing the cookies on the device you are using, (phone, computer, tablet etc.). 

      You can delete or block cookies at any time, but this may restrict access to certain areas of the website or certain aspects of Beespokecrafts research.

How long we hold this information

·     For Beespokecrafts clients, we keep information for as long as you continue to use our services, and for a reasonable period afterwards for continuity and context.

How to contact us about your choices

You can contact us at any time to have your details removed from our contact list or to update your preferences on how you would like to receive information about products or services.
      Contact us directly if you have any queries or concerns about the way we process your personal data.

      Let me know if you would like to obtain details of the personal information we may hold about you. 
      I will take all reasonable steps to confirm your identity before providing you with details of any personal information I may hold about you.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in legal requirements, our data handling processes or the features of our services or website and the updated Privacy Policy will be updated and accessed from our website. Any other material changes to this Policy will be communicated directly to you.

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