Sunday, 7 June 2020

Crazy Times...

Good afternoon Everyone 

Im sorry I forgot to hit the "publish" button on this post, and sadly the bees have now up'd and left.  i'm so sad as I loved these little fellers.

I hope that this post finds you all safe, well & not to stir crazy.  It truly is a bonkers world right now, but we must all stay positive and help each other along the difficult road.

We will come out of this, how sane we will be depends on us all.  For me crafting will be my saviour.  It saved me once when Steve sadly passed away, so it can definatly do that again.


Poppies are for hope and yellow for friendship.  So today i'm posting a card that I submitted for the Stampin round the world tutorial.


If you would like the istructions to make this card I will be happy to send them out to you. If you are a member of my craft groups these will be a gift to you from me.   If you are currently not a member of either of the groups you can still get this tutorial at a charge of £3.00.

You can use this technique with various stamps, but I love the poppies and bees together, there are more poppies next week, so keep an eye open for them.


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