Thursday, 13 November 2014

A 3-D project

Oh my gosh the last two weeks have just been a whirl. I just lost days and cant find them, I feel like I have not stopped but cant show anything constructive for any of them.. Loads of workshops and prepping thats all i can say.

So I thought I would show you a little 3-d project I put these on the table for each person this week at the classes.

Very simple using a piece of card cut to 10.5 cm x 11.5cm and scored as per the photo bend in the two flaps and secure with glue or tape my preference is the red line tape.

Cut a srip of paper long enough to wrap around your box and either stamp a design or just use a contrasting colour or DSP, then stamp a sentiment of choice.... then of course a little bar of Green & Black chocolate. Hey Presto!

One of my Lovely friends from my stamp group Kim Fee made a larger version and it gave me the idea to make a smaller one to fit my chocolates..
you can use all number of stamped sentiments to create your own version of this.

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